This is My Story

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Christi Poirrier Kelly. I was born on November 9, 1980 to Charles and Jackie Poirrier. I have three sisters whom I have a good relationship with today. I was the youngest of four children, and I was very spoiled and selfish. Growing up, We attended the Catholic Church every Sunday and I knew from a young age who God was, however I did not honor him by keeping his commandments! As a child, I did not respect my elders. I always thought that I knew more than anyone else and I treated grown adults very disrespectful. I belittled people, and was a very hateful child. My words and actions affected people in a negative way, and scarred people. Today, as a forty year old Woman, I look back on my childhood and pray that those I impacted negatively can find it in their heart to forgive me! I have told many of them that I am sorry , and If I hurt you in anyway, I truly am sorry. I wish that I knew then what I know now, but I was young and I was arrogant. I remember praying to God nightly, though as a young child. I would get on my knees and recite prayers. I would say my Rosary, and I had a love for God, but I did it all secretly. I don’t know why, but I was afraid to show my love for God to anyone. Later, I turned to the world and started living a life that was immoral and impure. I still knew who God was, but I felt unworthy of his love. I was scared of him. I thought that I had gone too far, and that I couldn’t go to him, I let the enemy control me for most of my twenties, well, to be honest, all of my twenties! I just want to let everyone know, that God wants you broken, and dirty, and we are all imperfect. I still struggle today with strongholds, control issues, bad decisions, and laziness. I let the world in, and put God on the sidelines instead of letting him lead me. It is a daily struggle to live a life pleasing to God and we will all stumble, but he will pick us up, clean us up, and kiss away our pain. Everyday we should strive to be more like Christ and less like the World. Today, I am not scared of God. I now think of him as a loving father, who gets disappointed in me at times, but loves me with an unconditional love. I learned that instead of feeling condemned by the enemy, I need to listen to the conviction from the Holy Spirit living inside me and Repent knowing my Father in heaven will hear me and forgive me! This is the beginning of my story, I plan on posting weekly stories of how God has spoken to me, led me, and continues to be my guide. I look forward to sharing this with each of you. Until next week, much love and God Bless!

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