Meeting My Mate

It was my Senior year in high school, and by then, I was ready to be out of school! My schedule was one of ease and I was a half day student because of the work program I had joined. I remember the first day of school, walking into my vegetable gardening class, and a young man named Kyle Kelly sat behind me. I thought he was okay looking, and he looked kind of familiar, but I didn’t know him.
He liked to pick on me, and get me to smile and laugh. I was pretty to myself in High School. I had my Little group of friends, and everyone knew who I was, but I only hung around with a selected few. They were my circle. He was not in my circle, but I found myself wanting him to be. He asked if I remembered him. I knew that I knew him, but didn’t know how. He told me that he stood in front my locker every morning the year before and I would walk up to my locker and just brush him and his friends off. I thought I was better than them. I thought they were some little thugs! (Well, they kinda were, but I was far from perfect myself). I laugh today at how I didn’t even see him. Everyday for one school year, he tried to get my attention, and I never even noticed him. God does the same! He tries continually to get us to notice him and spend time with him. He gives us signs and miracles. A lot of the times, we just give him the cold shoulder because he isn’t in our circle, when he should be the center of our circle!
I started to look forward to that class everyday so I could see Kyle and spend time with him. I found myself wanting to get to know him better. We dated for a couple of weeks and then he found another pretty girl to focus his energy on, and I, as a senior was just starting to date, so I focused my attention elsewhere. He switched out of the class we had together, so I didn’t see him, but I did still think about him from time to time after high school and over the years following.
Speeding up to eleven years later, I get a notification that I have a new friend request on Facebook “Kyle Kelly”. I didn’t think much of it. I was friends with a lot of people I went to high school with. I approved the request and went look at his page to see what had become of him. I saw he had two beautiful children and that he had been married and divorced. He still looked the same as I remembered, just older. He immediately sent me a message saying how he was glad he found me on Facebook and asking how I had been. We started messaging each other daily and we ended up exchanging phone numbers. I would talk to him for hours on the phone. We talked and talked for a month straight before we actually had a date. It was a good first date. I cooked and we watched the LSU game together at my house. He gave me a kiss in the cheek at the end of the night, and I was a nervous wreck wondering if he would call me after our date. I was scared after seeing me, he wouldn’t like me anymore, I was insecure and very self conscious. He called me the next day though, and from there started our journey, which has by no means been easy, but it has been worth all the hardships and battles.

God closed the door on Kyle and I’s relationship when we were seventeen, because it was not the right timing. We each had a path to walk down with winding roads, and steep hills, but ultimately, the path lead us right back to each other. We had both been hurt by past relationships and we both had put up walls to protect us from that hurt. God broke down those walls and brick by brick, and today we are stronger than ever. Not because of us, but because we let God lead us. You will find out later that our marriage had and still has struggles, but our faith in God is what carries us through each one. 😊

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